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Sahara Shaheen dies in Egypt crash


July, 2009

Sahara Shaheen and her 4-year-old son  Ray died in a car accident in Egypt.
On the 10th of June, Sahara Shaheen and her 4-year-old son Ray died in a car accident in Egypt. The actress flew to Egypt for three days; she wanted to join her business trip – for some tome she was planning to stage a musical there, with a sentimental trip to family previous residence. Sahara was born in Egypt 29 years ago; after a few years she moved with her mother and sister to USA; subsequently, she turned back to Africa and settle in Kenya for good. On the 10th of June she was gong back from a waterside to Cairo by a taxi, when suddenly the taxi was hit by a bus driving fast. A driver, Sahara and Ray, whom she decided to take to Egypt with her at the last moment for him to meet his great-grandmother; all of them were killed on the spot. Sahara left behind many good deeds; she was actively involved in improving a quality of life of children in Africa. She also left many unforgettable stories told by means of the great musicals, as well as, many controversial opinions which she was famous of, and which make people think. But first of all, she left little, several-month-old Bri, whose father is Barthe Cortes. Most probably, the couple got married secretly not long ago on a ship somewhere in the ocean at night. Sahara’s colleague says: “they did not want to hide it on purpose; it was just spontaneous; I think that this wedding was a fulfillment of Sahara’s greatest dream. She wanted to marry her “French guy” - as she called Barthe” An unquestionable proof of this fact is a wedding ring on Barthe’ finger, which can be seen in a photo made recently by Leibovitz paparazzi to project ”Paparazzi As An Art Form, 2nd Edition" (pic, last photo of Cortes). It is the proof that Sahara’s dream was fulfilled before her death..

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