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Barthe Cortes – Myths & Truths


August, 2009



Barthe Cortes Myths And TruthsSince tragic Sahara Shaheen death, Barthe Cortes (also called BC) doesn’t know where to put himself. "He always leaves town, don’t know where, don’t know when he shows on the airport or seaport, he does is unexpectedly" – this is what the one of the workers in BVC said, at the same time he dissipated about Cortes origins, because sometimes the media suggested that in spite of French origin, Barthe homeland is Sierra Leone "It isn’t the truth, there was no secret that BC came from Europe, from Paris, who could think up such rubbish?" – the man asked.

But that's how it is, when somebody diligently watches over his privacy, just like Cortes did it. Beyond all doubt around the people will grow a lot of myths, and since Sahara is not present, there is no one who could disclaim all this crazy tall tale stories, for example about the connection with terrorists, or many others, totally different, because with CIA, when people spread the gossip that on the BVC airport from time to time land international antiterrorist organization planes, it seems that Sahara was the best self-appointed press spokesman for her husband.
Cortes acquaintances admitted that Since she Has gone, BC avoids meetings, it is hard to have an appointment with him, most of time he spends at work or with his little daughter –Brillarose. "He lives in continuous chaos, which is all around him, and at the same time he is very lonely, but in the other hand all time he can determines exact targets" – this is what one of Cortes friends said. Without no doubt this is all the truth, as media claim, at the end of July Barthe sign very profitable contract with Japanese Airlines, the fusion of those two lines probably will make BVC the third on the world about the lines size which support goods transport by air.
Probably Barthe took with him Bri to Japan, so a suspicion arises that would take such a small baby on a trip, if he only planned to sign a contract and come back soon? Unfortunately, it could show that the gossip about BC and his move from Kenya is very probable..

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