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Viva Riva! Premie`res in Nairobi



DRC is mostly known for its war troubles, it's fashion loving citizens and it's rich musical history. One director however has managed to do the unthinkable - create an award winning film that has traversed the world showing at numerous theaters and cinemas.

Viva Riva! screened in Nairobi last night, at an exclusive event at the Village Market, to an enthusiastic audience filled with movie makers ranging from directors, producers and artistes. Viva Riva! is well done, and with the 7 years it took to make the dream come to fruition, it is a great piece of art. The movie opens with scenes of Kinshasa's backyards where the gansters meet and party. Riva, played by Pasha Bay makes his first glimpse of a rare red-headed beauty, Nora, who in her raw and uncouth manner throws you off when you see her later as the girlfriend to a rich mobster. The first glimpse of Nora seduces you into her world as she dances with Riva, then suddenly throws you off as she pauses to pee in the bushes outside the club.

Hot on the heels of Riva is a bloodthirsty Angolan gang, from whom Riva stole a truckload of the highly valued commodity - gasoline. These stolen goods are what fuel Riva's 'live in the moment' lifestyle - whoring, spending money, and drinking to no end. Filled with violence, nudity and sex, and bloodshed, VIVA RIVA! is a first in Africa where often, our traditions and cultures seep into our art and we self-censor our productions. The New York Times even goes to give it an R-Rating, for "Crime, killing and creative cunnilingus."

Follow the cast as they take you on an unforgettable journey through Kinshasa, showing you the true reality of the backstreets across brothels, discos, and neighbourhoods. Crime, corruption, sex, love, money, greed are all encompassed in this thrilling encounter. Newfound money dominates modern-day Kinshasa, yet the city still manages to have a majority population living below the poverty line. Catch it in the Nairobi cinemas from the 8th of October 2011.


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